Location and Access

The summer trail to Rabothytta
The summer trail to Rabothytta

Rabothytta cabin is situated in Hemnes municipality, roughly 40 km south of the town of Mo i Rana.


By air: Mo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll, 50 km from the village of Korgen.

By train: Bjerka station, 10 km from Korgen.

By car: from highway E6, take the Korgen exit (930 km north of Oslo).

Summer parking

In the summer, you can park at the end of the road, at the top of Leirbotnet. To reach it, from the Circle K gas station in Korgen, drive up Leirskardalen; from Tverå at the top continue by dirt road up to 700 metres altitude. Please be cautious as you drive up Leirskardalen, because the road is narrow and winding, and you pass driveways of the local residents.

The ascending path – summer

From the parking area, the 5-kilometre path climbs 520 m, passing through a boulder field with some impressive rocks. Allow 1.5–3 hours for the ascent. Sturdy hiking boots are recommended. Although the trail is well-marked, you are advised to bring a map and a compass or GPS. Be sure to bring warm clothing, as fog can arrive quite suddenly.

Please keep your dog on a leash at all times. These mountains are summer pastures for sheep!

Weather and location

Hikers to Rabothytta cabin may encounter very challenging weather conditions. Due to its elevation and glaciers, the Okstindan massif often has a demanding microclimate. Fog might arrive suddenly, and just as quickly it might clear up; the wind can be relentless – and hikers to Rabothytta do well to remember that the high mountain tends to be much colder than the valleys below. It is vital that you are well-prepared for the changing weather conditions.


For summer mountain hikes, remember to always bring warm clothing and windproof outerwear, and include a hat and mittens or gloves even on the warmest day. Good hiking boots are a must – and never head off into the Norwegian wilderness without a map, and a compass or GPS. If you are planning  to visit or stay in the cabin, make sure you obtain a DNT key, or check to ensure the cabin is staffed.


During the winter, because the gravel road is closed, you must hike from either Tverråga in Leirskarddalen, or Innerdalen in Brygfjelddalen. From Tverråga the trail is 11 km long and climbs roughly a thousand metres. From Innerdalen, the hike is longer but the climb more gentle, ascending 900 m along its 13 km length.

Always bring a map and either a compass or a GPS. You might also need a snow shovel to dig your way to the cabin door! Rabothytta has entrances on both sides, but in the winter both doors might be blocked by deep snow. Remember that the weather might suddenly become vicious, and that even on the sunniest day your life might depend on being well-prepared!

Map of the area
Map of the area