Overnight stays

Rabothytta has six bedrooms, plus an open loft. Each of the cabin’s 30 beds has a comfortable mattress, as well as sheets, a duvet and pillow. We recommend that you reserve a bed well in advance.

NB. You must bring your own sleeping bag or sheet bag. Sleeping directly in the bedding is not permitted! (Rabothytta obviously has no laundry facilities, and we can only change the bedding twice a year.)

Day visitors are also welcome, but you must pay a fee. A “day visit” includes any use of the cabin: eating, relaxing or using the toilets. If you don’t want to pay, use the outhouse below the nearby Hugobuæ – free of charge.


We generally ask visitors not to bring dogs to Rabothytta. The cabin has only one bedroom for guests with dogs. The Dog Room (bedroom no. 3) has two large dog cages, and a 120-cm wide bed and a 90-cm bed, as well as two large dog cages. When inside the cabin, your dogs must stay inside their cage.


You must bring your own food.


Except during the summer when Rabothytta is staffed, the cabin is kept locked. visitors will need a DNT key. To buy or borrow a DNT key, you must join the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT).


Rabothytta has solar panels that supply 230-volt power. You are welcome to charge your mobile phone etc. NB: The power is switched off in the Winter. If you are visiting during the winter months and need power, for instance for the water pump, please notify us in advance.


On the eastern side of Rabothytta, there is a faucet from which you can fill water bottles and fetch water for other purposes. This water is pumped up from the nearby tarn. (No swimming allowed!) The switch from the water pump is near the cabin’s east entrance; it takes a minute or two to pump water up to the faucet.

Your cabin hosts

During the busy summer months (June–August), and the most popular weekends in the autumn, we try to keep Rabothytta staffed. The hosts offer coffee and often waffles as well. They will show you to your reserved beds, or assign a bed on a first-come basis. The cabin hosts are volunteers who deserve your gratitude! Please lend a helping hand if they ask you to fetch water, help tidy or clean the cabin, or carry in firewood.